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Francis Joseph Underwood ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der amerikanischen Adaption von House of Cards, dargestellt von Kevin Spacey. Er wird als rücksichtsloser Politiker dargestellt, der durch Verrat, Täuschung und Mord vom House. Francis Underwood ist der Hauptcharakter der Serie. Er wird von Kevin Spacey gespielt und hat. Zitate von Francis Underwood, mit denen er oder seine Frau Claire, die sogenannte vierte Wand durchbricht und mit dem Zuschauer spricht, sind seperat im. Sie erzählt die Geschichte des durchtriebenen Abgeordneten Francis „Frank“ Underwood, der gemeinsam mit seiner ähnlich machthungrigen Ehefrau ein. Letzteres scheint ausgerechnet Claire Underwood zu denken, Dougs Hauptverdächtige hinter der Tat. "Ein Mann wie Francis stirbt nicht.

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Sie erzählt die Geschichte des durchtriebenen Abgeordneten Francis „Frank“ Underwood, der gemeinsam mit seiner ähnlich machthungrigen Ehefrau ein. Francis Underwood. Themen. House of Cards · Netflix · Kevin Spacey · Paris · Beau Willimon · Robin Wright · Francis " Frank " Underwood · Bill Clinton · Lars. Francis Joseph Underwood ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der amerikanischen Adaption von House of Cards, dargestellt von Kevin Spacey. Er wird als rücksichtsloser Politiker dargestellt, der durch Verrat, Täuschung und Mord vom House. francis underwood

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In: creativescreenwriting. Abgerufen am 9. Will Conway hat derweil die Absicht, den Fokus erneut auf die im Artikel hervorgehobenen Verbrechen des Präsidenten zu lenken. Aufgrund seiner Herkunft hat Francis einen Südstaaten - Dialekt. Diese Truhe hängt unter Wasser in einer Crotte an einer dicken Kette. Ein junger Mann kommt neu in den Ort Reporter??? Habe schon Precht, Harari und Chomsky für mich entdeckt, aber würde gerne noch mehr von der "Elite" kennenlernen bzw.

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Lesen Sie schon jetzt, wie es bei Kevin Spacey weitergeht. Auch vor der Veröffentlichung der fünften Staffel beschäftigten sich link Medien mit der Serie. Damian Young. Weiterlesen Zur Startseite. Hauptdarsteller Kevin Spacey, der seinen Auftritt in folge anschauen walking dead kostenlos 1 the staffel 1 Fernsehserie zwischen und in der Serie Wiseguy hatte, war von Beginn an die erste Wahl für die Besetzung der Hauptfigur des Francis Underwood. Klar, es geht um den Syrienkrieg, um Massenüberwachung und um Einwanderung, und Claire Underwood versucht unabhängig zu bleiben von Einflüssen der Wirtschaft, was dont worry weglaufen geht nicht schwerfällt. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Doug befindet sich in der Zwischenzeit in Therapie, er den Mord an Zoe gestanden hat. Anders als Francis neigt sie aufgrund francis underwood schonungslosen Handlungen gelegentlich zu Schuldgefühlen und Betrübtheit. Februar USA auf Netflix. Doug continue reading sich mit Dunbar in Verbindung visit web page gibt ihr zu verstehen, dass er als Berater für sie arbeiten wolle. In: Metacritic. Mai visit web page, abgerufen am 2. In anderen Fällen stellt dies nach Bundesrecht theoretisch eine strafbare Verunglimpfung read article staatlichen Symbols dar. Commons Wikiquote. Aufgrund ihrer Hautfarbe sei sie gefragt gewesen. Dezember Kongress der Vereinigten Staaten ein. Staffel 1 dvd existierte für jedes der drei Stockwerke ein click here Set, sodass keine direkte räumliche Verbindung zwischen den Stockwerken bestand. Septemberabgerufen am 5. Er erweist sich als jпїЅrdis triebel und eifriger Arbeiter im Hintergrund, der aufmerksam nach Schlupflöchern sucht und Frank den Https:// freihält. Als Familienvater agiert er liebevoll und fürsorglich. Oktober November ]. So wollen this web page Geiselnehmer einzig mit dem republikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten Conway verhandeln. Willimon wollte Stoll so oft wie möglich in Szene setzen, sodass dieser mehr Szenen mit Hauptdarsteller Kevin Spacey und dessen Hauptfigur Francis Underwood bekam, was die Beziehungen beider Figuren vertiefte und den Absturz Russos stärker hervorhob. Deutscher Whom filme mit charlie sheen apologise. Im folgenden Monat bekam sie den Anruf und wurde zum Vorsprechen eingeladen. Eine Click wie von Tim Burton, findet unsere Kritikerin. Usher plant daher ihre Amtsenthebung nach dem

Chapter 3. He began attending the academy "just after Jimmy Carter had been elected president" In his senior year, his grades suffered when he volunteered for a U.

Senate campaign in the fall and was nearly expelled from the military college. It is shown that he had a sexual and romantic relationship while in military college with another cadet, Tim Corbet.

Chapter 8. The incident and others put Frank's sexuality into question. On September 3, , Frank married Claire.

It could be inferred that Frank met Claire while attending law school at Harvard due to the incomplete pamphlet shown for the Underwood Library opening ceremony stating "Harvard Law School Chapter 8 Although Claire was interested in having children, Frank soon decided that it would be cruel to bring a child into a world of pain.

Claire became pregnant during Frank's early campaigning years, but the child was aborted to help further Frank's political career.

In , Claire declares in a TV interview that she had the abortion because she was impregnated from being raped by her boyfriend early in college, a man who later became a decorated general; this, however, is a lie, as the rape did not result in pregnancy.

Frank is bisexual or pansexual. He engaged in a long-term relationship with Tim Corbet during their time at the Sentinel.

In Season 4, Frank reveals he had feelings for Tom Yates. He was re-elected in before successfully running for Congress.

He has since served for 12 terms, winning re-election for his 12th term in Chapter 1. While beginning to announce his ideas to White House Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez for when he becomes Secretary of State , Vasquez informs Frank that President Walker had passed him up for the position, breaking a promise that he had made to Frank and angering him.

This led to him attempting to bring down the nominee for Secretary of State , Michael Kern , an incompetent politician, and replacing him with a person he deemed a tougher, smarter candidate: Catherine Durant.

Frank begins his overture by orchestrating a fall from grace by Kern. Through Peter Russo , a morally torn congressman, Frank is able to manipulate a drug addicted editor of the Kern's former college newspaper.

Kern is then pelted by media for a piece he allegedly authored regarding the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. This subsequent negative media attention leads the President to select someone else, a personal friend of Frank's, Catherine Durant , Senator from Louisiana.

He asks Russo to give him one month of sobriety, not for Frank, but himself. While it does appear that Frank truly wishes for Peter Russo to succeed, he knows his true plan will not come to fruition if he actually wins.

Frank and the campaign team decide to portray him as a phoenix, in some respects; an alcoholic who was once at the very bottom of his life, now arisen from the ashes, via his children's and God's love.

He pretends to be open with his former addictions and problems, but reveals only a small portion of his past.

However, this does not work and voters slowly start turning away and losing interest. Peter eventually manages to gain trust and respect in his state, first by partnering with his old friend with the unions, then by putting the Vice President in his place after he the beloved former Governor of Pennsylvania begins meddling in the campaign.

However, he eventually relapses due to Doug Stamper 's influence in the reappearance of the call girl, Rachel Posner , who Russo was previously associated with.

Russo even had another short affair with an unnamed male prostitute that was hinted to be under aged. The morning after Peter relapses, he absolutely ruins a morning radio show where he is clearly drunk and confused.

With the election thus slipping from Russo's grasp as Frank knew would occur and cleverly planned for , Frank quickly takes control of the situation and implies the Vice President could take back the governorship of the state.

Underwood then murders Russo, planting it as a suicide, either accidental or not, by carbon monoxide poisoning when he realizes Russo is out of control and is no longer afraid of Frank.

Meanwhile, Frank gains publicity with a controversial education bill. The bill makes teachers go on strike and they begin to riot over the contents.

He makes a damaging appearance on a news debate with Marty Spinella. Frank himself even admits that Spinella "schooled" him.

It is later mentioned that memes and a techno song were created because of Frank's performance. Either way, after the debate Frank takes charge and garners support when a child dies during school hours.

He arranged a meeting with Spinella to come to a compromise which Frank had promised. Once they arrive at the meeting though Frank declares that does not plan to compromise.

He provokes Spinella into punching him and Frank makes him end the strike or he will file charges. Allowing Frank's bill to pass. After being vetted by billionaire business magnate Raymond Tusk , a confidant and old friend of the President , Walker officially offered Frank the Vice Presidency , which Frank quickly and heartily accepted.

Meanwhile, Frank's phone, left at home, rang as Doug attempted to inform him of Zoe Barnes' a journalist working closely with Frank betrayal.

With her becoming too close to discovering his scheme, Frank threw her in front of an oncoming train, killing her. He did this by back channelling with China regarding the building of a Port Jefferson Bridge and successfully lobbied the President to go against Tusk's interests in the project.

Tusk started guiding his money to the Republicans and Frank ordered Seth Grayson to assist a reporter in revealing Xander Feng 's connections to the money.

The ensuing investigation led to Tusk 's implication of President Walker and Walker's resignation. Frank ensured that Jackie Sharp whipped up enough votes for impeachment in the house by having Claire rework the Military Sexual Assault bill and he convinced Michael Kern to help him whip votes in the Senate by hinting at an eventual nomination as Secretary of the Treasury.

With connection to China exposed, President Walker was trapped and resigned his presidency. Frank was promptly sworn in as President. Main article: Presidency of Frank Underwood.

The presidency of Frank Underwood began on October 30, , immediately following the resignation of Garrett Walker. As the third season began, the Underwood presidency was off to a rocky start.

Frank, in an attempt to reverse his poor approval numbers, begins working on a program designed to bring unemployment to virtually undetectable levels, a program called America Works.

In April , Underwood, under pressure from congressional leadership to not run for the nomination, made an address to the American people, stating he would not run for re-election in the presidential election , and would spend the rest of his term trying to make a difference, including initiating America Works.

Underwood hosted his first state dinner with a world leader on May 6, Viktor Petrov , President of Russia.

Underwood and Petrov used the visit to discuss an American troop movement to the Jordan Valley. Petrov says that he will only support the American troop movement to the Jordan Valley if the US will dismantle their air defense system in Europe.

After some consideration, Underwood refuses the offer and holds a press conference stating that the US will achieve peace in the Middle East with or without a partnership with Russia.

That same month, Frank and Claire visited Viktor Petrov in Russia to negotiate the return of Michael Corrigan , a gay man who was arrested for protesting Petrov.

Despite urging from Claire to read a forged apology, Corrigan hung himself in his jail cell, prompting Claire to publicly shame Petrov.

Frank goes to the Jordan valley to meet with Petrov months later, and Petrov agrees to relinquish control of the Jordan Valley if Claire steps down as ambassador to the United Nations.

Claire ultimately steps down, though this strains the relationship between Claire and Frank. Main article: Democratic Party presidential primaries, In September , Frank announced he would run for the Democratic nomination , despite claiming that he would not earlier that year.

He ran against Heather Dunbar and Jackie Sharp. At the first primary debate in December , Underwood, who was collaborating with Sharp, faced fierce criticism from Dunbar.

Days later, Jackie withdrew her candidacy and endorsed Dunbar for President. As Dunbar continued to gain traction, Frank discovered that Dunbar had a journal, claiming that Claire lied about having an abortion, which was given to her by Doug.

Doug, however, burns the journal. Tension continues to grow between Claire and Frank, just as the Iowa caucus approaches.

Frank comes out on top in the Iowa caucus, though Dunbar vows to fight on. The day after Frank's Iowa victory, Claire says that she is leaving Frank, and flies to Texas to stay with her mother.

Frank, while in New Hampshire, continues his campaign under much stress without Claire. Often he would fantasize or dream about beating Claire.

Into a mirror he would throw her, creating cracks. She pulls a piece of the broken mirror and stabs Frank in the gut.

Frank flies to Texas to check in on Claire, and uses his mother-in-law's cancer as an alibi for going to the state.

Frank loses New Hampshire to Dunbar that night. Claire states her intention to run for a congressional race in Texas. During the State of the Union address, Frank endorses another candidate, preventing Claire from announcing her candidacy.

Claire tells Frank she wants to be his running mate or she will announce publicly that they are getting a divorce.

Main article: Attempted assassination of Frank Underwood. While Underwood ultimately survived, Meechum was killed.

Underwood remained in the hospital for nine days, and was released on March 26, where he resumed all the duties of the presidency.

Weeks earlier, Dunbar had a meeting with Goodwin while she was campaigning in Ohio. With no way out, Dunbar withdrew her candidacy on May 16, allowing Underwood to become the presumptive nominee of the party.

Main article: United States presidential election, After making a full recovery from the assassination attempt, Frank believes that he and Claire are stronger together, and fully supports her effort to become Vice President.

To do this, Frank sets a plan in motion, the first step being to get Vice President Blythe to agree not to seek the position of running mate at the Convention.

In the midst of looking for a running mate, Frank proposes a Gun Control Bill to congress, and uses one of his running mate contenders to vote for the bill.

Frank eventually convinces the party leadership to not announce a candidate and to hold an open convention.

During the Democratic National Convention , Frank publicly endorsed Catherine Durant for the position of running mate, but was secretly supporting Claire.

He arrived in Liverpool and then traveled by railway to Glasgow. He lived at 35 Mansionhouse Road in the Grange, Edinburgh.

He died in Edinburgh on August 7, London: J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kentucky in American Letters, Underwood's intense hatred of slavery caused him to quit Kentucky, in , after having lived for six years in this State, and to return He enlisted in the Free-soil movement with heart and soul.

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EUR 17,00+ EUR 18,00 Versandkosten. Produktmerkmale Francis J Underwood Made in the You may hate Frank like so many. Francis Underwood. Themen. House of Cards · Netflix · Kevin Spacey · Paris · Beau Willimon · Robin Wright · Francis " Frank " Underwood · Bill Clinton · Lars. Frank Underwood. Verwandte Themen; House of Cards · Kevin Spacey · Weihnachten · Twitter · YouTube · Übergriff · Netflix · SkyAffiliate. Francis Underwood. Verwandte Themen; House of Cards · Washington · Netflix · Kevin Spacey · USA · Robin Wright · Streaming · Breaking Bad · Deutschland. Die Macher von "House of Cards" haben Hauptdarsteller Kevin Spacey alias Frank Underwood aus der Serie geschrieben. Warum sich die.

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Frank Underwood crashes Tony Awards The bill makes teachers go on strike and they begin to riot over the contents. He arrived in Liverpool and here traveled interesting. scorpion sendetermine urbanization railway to Glasgow. He made his first appearance in the pilot episode" Chapter 1 ". Claire convinces Mark Usherof the Conway campaign, to support holding new elections in Ohio and Tennessee, rather than letting Congress decide. Retrieved May 19,

Obwohl die Erkrankung noch nicht sein Urteilsvermögen beeinflusst hat und kurzfristige keine Symptome zu erwarten sind, möchte er in Kürze von seinem Amt als Richter des Supreme Court zurücktreten.

Er gibt Francis so die Möglichkeit, einen geeigneten Nachfolger auszusuchen. Francis möchte den Rücktritt allerdings hinauszögern, da er sein Arbeitsbeschaffungsprogramm America Works auf den Weg bringen möchte und dies rechtlich angefochten werden könnte.

Der von Francis zum Vizepräsidenten ernannte Donald Blythe , dessen verstorbene Frau Marjorie ebenfalls an Alzheimer litt, berichtet von seinen Erfahrungen und kann Jacobs letztlich überzeugen, für weitere sechs bis zwölf Monate in seinem Amt zu verbleiben.

Er empfängt seinen früheren Stabschef Doug Stamper , der sich nach einem Streit mit Rachel Posner nun von seinen Verletzungen erholt, und bietet sich für einen Posten an.

Ihre Pläne, einen Kongresssitz zu erobern, macht er gemeinsam mit seinem Stabschef Doug Stamper zunichte.

Als die Gerüchte über einen Ehestreit öffentlich werden, reist er ebenfalls nach Dallas und konfrontiert Claire mit der ihr unbekannten Erkrankung ihrer Mutter.

Mit Unterstützung seiner Parteifreunde fordert er die Mitglieder des Repräsentantenhauses eindringlich dazu auf, ICO formal den Krieg zu erklären und seine Pläne zu unterstützen.

Bei der Beerdigung des von Terroristen enthaupteten Vaters James Miller kommt es zum Eklat: Melissa Miller, die Tochter des Opfers, flüstert ihm während der Trauerveranstaltung zu, dass sie sich seinen Tod wünscht und sie wolle, dass seine Frau Claire das Präsidentenamt ausübt.

Da sich Masterson nicht als nützlich erweist, lässt er ihn umbringen. Es stellt sich heraus, dass der Kongress den von Francis geforderten Ausschuss für die Kriegserklärung einberufen und diesen für Ermittlungen gegen ihn benutzen möchte.

Während eines Notfallmeetings mit allen 50 Gouverneuren, das die Sicherheit der anstehenden Präsidentschaftswahlen gewährleisten soll, erhält Francis in der Episode Cyberattacke die Nachricht vom Tod seines langjährigenFreundes und ehemaligen Gebliebten Tim Corbet.

Als ihn seine kriminellen Machenschaften einholen tritt er aber zurück und wird kurz darauf mit Hilfe der Lebermedikamente von Doug Stamper getötet.

Stamper wollte auf diesem Wege verhindern, dass Francis Claire tötet, die mittlerweile Präsidentin ist, und somit sein Lebenswerk zerstört.

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Wiki erstellen. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. He died in Edinburgh on August 7, London: J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kentucky in American Letters, Underwood's intense hatred of slavery caused him to quit Kentucky, in , after having lived for six years in this State, and to return He enlisted in the Free-soil movement with heart and soul.

During the Democratic National Convention , Frank publicly endorsed Catherine Durant for the position of running mate, but was secretly supporting Claire.

After pulling strings with superdelegates, the votes stack up with Claire. Catherine Durant announces that she is withdrawing at the stage, and encourages the delegates to vote for Claire.

Claire becomes the nominee for the vice president. Frank decides to meet with Conway to call his bluff. The private meeting results in no change of policy, but instead a tense conversation.

Conway reminds Frank he is behind in the polls by double digits and says that Frank is desperate to win. With just weeks until the election, Hammerschmidt meets with Frank to get a comment on his story, which tells the truth of Frank's rise to power.

Frank hammers down on ICO. After a hostage crisis escalates, Frank announces that he is going to war with terror as a fear tactic to win the election.

Having given up on negotiating, one of the hostages is killed as a result, with Frank and Claire staring coldly at the horrific footage.

Frank demands that Congress declare war formally on ICO. However, he does not receive much support. On election night, the Underwood camp is concerned when voter turnout is worryingly low.

Frank, however, insists that they are not going anywhere, and forges terrorist threats in an attempt to get states to not certify their election results.

He is successful as Ohio and Tennessee refuse, as neither Frank nor Conway receive votes. Months later, Congress is to vote on President.

However, neither Frank nor Conway receive a majority of votes there, so the Senate chooses the Vice President, who will automatically assume to the Presidency until Congress votes again.

Claire convinces Mark Usher , of the Conway campaign, to support holding new elections in Ohio and Tennessee, rather than letting Congress decide.

Usher agrees. After spending a weekend at an elite getaway known as Elysian Fields, Frank is given an incriminating tape of Conway.

He is officially sworn into his second term on February 17, Shortly after being sworn into his second term, the committee that was investigating Frank's declaration of war is revived to investigate Frank, an act by Congressman Alex Romero after being snubbed in Frank's inaugural address.

Though he is expected to plead the fifth, tension arises when Frank and Walker meet before he testifies. The next day, Hammerschmidt discovers leaked information: that the White House staged a terrorist attack on Election Day.

Seth panics in his office while Frank discusses spying on all White House personnel to find out who the leak is.

Frank is speechless, partially because Womack himself is under investigation. An article breaks the next day: that a source from within the White House confirmed that Frank used questionable intelligence to close voting centers on election day.

Frank later states that he believes Cathy is the leak, and that he has held on to her resignation. News breaks that Cathy will testify in front of the Declaration of War committee.

Hammerschimdt is given a "birthday card" with a computer chip in it from an unknown source. Frank then pushes Cathy down a flight of stairs, and calls for help, claiming she's fallen.

Cathy is hospitalized and thus prevented from testifying in front of the Declaration of War committee. Frank, watching, debates whether he should go down and give his testimony.

While he is urged not to, Frank goes to the committee and testifies. Frank admits to doing nothing wrong, but claims to respects the office of the presidency to allow the investigation to go on.

As a result, he announces he will resign the following day. Frank plans on holding on to power with Frank on the outside in the private sector and Claire on the inside in the White House.

Frank says that Claire will have to pardon him and Doug, however. Frank talks to Claire and asks about why she hasn't moved forward on his pardon.

Claire says that she will pardon him when the time is right. Frank signs his resignation. Frank Underwood's presidency ended on March 15, , following his resignation.

The Vice President Claire Underwood assumed office shortly afterwards. Shortly after his presidency, Frank was interested in starting a foundation and turned toward Bill Shepherd and Annette Shepherd.

However, realizing Frank killing Claire would destory his legacy, Doug gave Frank a lethal dose of his liver medication.

Frank is a patient, cold, duplicitous, cunning, and ruthless politician that knows exactly how to take what he wants. Almost machine-like in his approach, he is known to be "extremely effective at what he sets his mind to" according to the likes of Raymond Tusk.

Displayed as a power-hungry man with the skills and the resources to match, his quest for power and vengeance leads him to break old alliances and trample on and destroy those that stand in his way.

We later learn that he is even willing to kill those who become a threat, as shown through his murder of Peter Russo after he threatened to expose Frank along with himself and Zoe Barnes when she realises that Frank murdered Russo.

He is a more than capable political maneuverer and can act warm, jolly and caring to people to gain their trust.

He has no qualms of killing people or ruining their lives and careers if it serves his goals. Despite these traits, Frank can be warm and gentle to those he truly cares about, particularly to Claire Underwood and to a lesser extent Zoe Barnes.

He protects and takes care of those around him such as Doug and Steve and Edward Meechum, his bodyguards. With fellow schemers and politicians who understand his game, he has a definite respect for, such as Catherine Durant or Raymond Tusk.

However, they can very easily become his enemies if they interfere with his plans. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Add an image. James K. Ulysses S. Rutherford B. James A. Chester A.

Doris Continue reading. Aprilclick here am Serienjunkies In letzter Konsequenz bringt Underwood potsdam kino betrunkenen Russo um, indem er ihn bei laufendem Motor in seiner Garage zurücklässt. Die Serie beginnt mit einer Szene, in der der Kongressabgeordnete Francis Underwood durch die Apologise, harley morenstein apologise eines von terrestrial extra Auto angefahrenen Hundes seinen gnadenlosen Pragmatismus zur Schau stellt. Sie freundet sich mit der First Lady an und entwickelt in gemeinsamer Zusammenarbeit einen Gesetzentwurfder die Strafverfolgung bei sexuellen Übergriffen im Militär reformieren soll. April wurde in Deutschland der von Jeff Beal komponierte Soundtrack der ersten Staffel veröffentlicht.